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My name is Carley Elle Allison, and i’m 19 years old. February 4th 2013, i was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor outside my trachea, after 9 month of intense treatments I went into remission. August 25th 2014 I was diagnosed with Clear Cell Sarcoma in my lungs.

I have undergone six rounds of chemo therapy, tracheal surgery, and i have completed 32 days of high intensity radiation to cure the cancer in my trachea. I am currently going through oral chemotherapy to target the cancer in my lungs.

when i was first diagnosed I was a grade 12 student with quite the busy schedule. along with school i figured skated competitively. I have been skating since i was six years old, and ever since then i have been attached to the ice training six days a week year round. My schedule during the school year is pretty crazy, and most days it sounds a bit like this; wake up, skate, school, skate during spare, back to school, skate, homework, music lesson, bed, and start all over again. So iv’e gotten pretty used to being active almost 24/7.

img_3947.jpg   IMG_3077 IMG_3714

Another big part of my life is music. music has been my passion ever since i was young. I started taking guitar lessons when i was 11 years old, and i’ve been singing for as long as i can remember. when I was 15 i started teaching myself how to play the piano and that really opened more opportunities for me musically.

IMG_1260 _MG_9509 _MG_9528

In the summer time, i get weekends off training, so my family and i go up north to our cottage in Halliburton ON. i think its safe to say, this is my favourite place in the entire world. when i was younger i was always the “tom boy” between me and my two sisters, and i was probably more adventurous then i should have been. At 8, i was already climbing to the top of the cliffs with my 10 year old cousin Jeff to go cliff jumping, while all the other girls were jumping off the little rocks. I always liked to prove i was just as good as my boy cousins, even if i was a bit scared i pretended i was perfectly confident and jumped.


And that is how i plan to deal with this little set back in my life. Cancer does scare me, but i’m going to be brave, pretend that i’m perfectly confident, and jump.

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Youtube Channel- Carley Allison

Twitter- Carley_Elle

288 thoughts on “About me

    • I was there too and thought she did a wonderful job, absolutely wonderful. I just wish they had given the crowd more of an opportunity to express their appreciation and admiration because she was getting a good ovation and I could tell from the crowd that they were building up to an even bigger one. This wonderful young woman deserved the chance to experience that bigger ovation.

  1. Carley, amazing job last night & thanks for joining us for the 3rd period to watch the Leafs win. I sent one of those backup smartphone chargers over to Larry’s office this morning to give to your Dad for you which you should have soon. All the best, Bruce

  2. You sang the National Anthem beautifully on November 1st at the Leafs game! You are inspiring. You sure made Canada proud.
    Be well and stay strong.
    Allison in Ottawa

  3. Just heard your sing the Canadian National Anthem. Stunning!

    You have an amazing voice, story, and we’re all pulling for you, Carley!

    Matt in NYC

  4. Wonderful job, Carley on the anthem!
    I’ve just finished reading your blogs, such honesty. Your bravery is commendable!
    I am stunned about your situation, why it’s happening when you’re so young, and obviously lead a healthy lifestyle, no time for typical teenage shenanigans! Keep fighting Carley, because the world needs young people like you!
    All the best!

  5. Just heard you sing the Anthem at the Leaf’s game – powerful voice, beautiful woman. I, too, am a cancer survivor – two-time survivor. Keep smiling that gorgeous smile and don’t let the scares, setbacks and challenges in life bury you. 🙂

  6. Hey Carley,
    I came across your Instagram account today, I guess we have mutual friends from the skating world so there was a picture of you in my “explore” section. Anyways, I am extremely inspired by your story, and was immediately intrigued to learn more. Turns out we used to compete against each other, I recognized your name and I remember your beautiful blue dress (and how jealous I was of it) as well as your presence on the ice. I just wanted you to know that your positive attitude about your situation is literally one of the most beautiful things I’ve come across in a while. Positivity is a key attribute to have when dealing with sickness but a very hard thing to keep. I just wanted you to know that even though you don’t know me, and I don’t really know you, I support you and I know you will kick Cancer’s ass.
    Prayers & lots of love.

  7. Carley
    I saw you last night singing the national anthem on Hockey Night in Canada.
    You sang beautifully. It was a wonderful rendition of our anthem.
    Watching you sing brought a test to my eye, and a lump in my throat . You are a beautiful young woman, but much more important, you are so strong and courageous. There is no doubt you will beat this challenge , and one day you will tell your children about your night at the Air Canada Centre.
    Congratulations doesn’t seem appropriate, ( but I can’t think of another word)
    Stay strong , and keep smiling that beautiful smile.

    Barrie, ON

  8. Sorry Carley,

    I don’t want to donate to Princess Margret, or anyone else, but directly to you. Is that princess Margret account for you alone?

  9. Carley my name is Jamie I live in Fredericton new Brunswick and was wondering if you could make my dream come true of meeting you in person. your a very nice looking sweet young lady and seeing you sing at the leafs game I was touched it pulled at my hart strings.

  10. Hi Carley,

    I’m with Post City magazines and we’re doing a feature on the Top 20 Torontonians under 20 and we want you to be a part of our list!

    Can you please email me at sachinseth@outlook.com so I can ask you a few questions?


  11. Carley,

    It was nice to hear about your experience in Florida. Your positive attitude and the messages in your blog are a real inspiration to everyone.

    Wishing you a very happy Holiday Season,

    Vince and Tracey

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  13. Hi Carley, my sister sent a link to me of your blog and the cover you have done of Christina Perri’s song. I watched your video on YouTube first, was amazed. But what really hit close to home was the script at the beginning of the video. My family lives in New Brunswick, my older sister, Laura (28) was diagnosed at 24 with a rare cancer called Ewing Sarcoma. She has a blog which I shared the link to, above. I have so much I want to say to you. I just don’t know where to begin. If you are ever interested, feel free to contact us.
    Keep up your courage, strength and bravery. You are a true inspiration to many. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    Keep fighting!
    Take care,
    Alison xo

  14. FactorField is grieving with the family, friends, and community of Carly Elle Allison. Convey your feelings; we are paying attention.

    This is a tragedy of disturbing proportion. One cannot quantify the amount of pain experienced by those survived by Carly. We all extend our deepest condolences, and above all need to remember such a beautiful soul – Share a Story. Comment. Commemorate, acknowledge; lament.

    For more:

  15. FactorField is grieving with the family, friends, and community of Carley Elle Allison. Convey your feelings; we are paying attention.
    This is a tragedy of disturbing proportion. One cannot quantify the amount of pain experienced by those survived by Carely. We all extend our deepest condolences, and above all need to remember such a beautiful soul – Share a Story. Comment. Commemorate, acknowledge; lament.

    For more:


  16. With Angels Wings” The whispering winds, a song they sing A song of sorrow and of a heart so big Your love reaches as far as the eye can see I believe in dreams because in my heart, you beat Just as a gentle breeze shimmers every leaf Your love, in every heart, plants a seed Elegance, love and hope is what grows beneath And this is your gift to us…. For safe keeping. So…if you ever wonder why heaven sings It’s because now you fly…

    R.I.P Carley

  17. My mom is good friends with your Aunt Michele and so in the 5th grade i thought that it was important that people in Calgary know what a strong person you were and i made a presentation about you to my class. I’m in grade seven now and you have changed my life. You were so strong and courageous and an inspiration to me. You will be remembered.


  18. R.I.P. Carley ❤
    I pray that your family will find comfort in knowing that you have touch many lives & you will live in our hearts forever.
    My prayers go out to Carley's Family & Friends ❤

  19. Hi Carley.

    I am sorry you have lost your battle with cancer. I didn’t know you. But I hope you test in peace and I know you have touched many people within our family and our province. You are an inspiration. You will be missed.

  20. Your soul has not left us and never will. You have impacted our world to “smile” and enjoy every single moment to the fullest. Thank you for being so amazing, you are in our prayers ❤

  21. I never met Carley, but that does not make me any less sad from hearing the news.
    I started following her blog a long time ago. She became part of my life as I constantly checked instagram to see how she was doing.
    My best wishes to her family and friends.
    Carley is amazing and she will continue to inspire many.

    My very best wishes to you all.

  22. Hi Charley, your actions have touched me deeply. I always remember your smile when I saw you with Carlo, I only regret not to have had the time and opportunity to know you better.
    My best wishes to you all.

  23. I never knew you, but you sound like a true passion to many, I go to the same school as you and I’m really sorry.
    R.I.P your soul will live on forever.

  24. Guess there must be an opening in heaven for an Angel…..Carley ,You were an inspiration for all of us..Thank you for showing us what Bravery looks like .RIP

  25. Rip Carley MY husband and I were at your CELEBRATION LAST NIGHT your family and friends are wonderful people. what a beautiful and touching night THANK YOU XX,

  26. Your story was and will be forever a motivational and inspiring remembrance that will last us the lifetime that was stolen from you. You were so strong and courageous and I wish I had the chance to meet you. My heart reaches for your family and friends. Andrei Kouzine, your cousin and a good friend of mine told me your story. I could see in his eyes that the family was hurting and when I found you on the internet I realized that the world must be hurting too. You taught us lessons that I am striving to live by everyday. You are an angel…a gift…God has a special place for you in his heart and ours.

  27. I would have loved to meet you, Carley. Your passion about sport and music was remarkable and your strength seems to me was not of this world. I also want to wish your family and friends the strength you had to process sorrow and grief. Rest in peace, lovely Carley Elle Allison and take care of your family from above.

    • Attending this Level 1&2 was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has broadened my perception and understanding of both my internal and external worlds. I would highly recommend Bennie’s courses!Level 1 & 2, Sydney 30 Oct 2012

    • Battle cry to Nils You can believe me mate, I throw away you from your thehrntoe battle begins denmark vs swedenWe bring the alien cup back //Bente

  28. I didn’t know you but you were such a gifted and brave young woman…. you have inspired so many people with your courage and strength. You were loved and cherished by so many in this world. I believe you are singing, skating and soaring through heaven’s glory.

  29. Vous allez peut-être trouver ça idiot, mais je viens de découvrir l’existence de Carley après avoir vu le film “Kiss and Cry”. Magnifique et un très bel hommage je pense, qui m’a poussé à chercher à en apprendre un peu plus sur elle. Je sais qu’un film ne représente pas vraiment la réalité, mais si elle était même 1/4 de la personne représentée par l’actrice, je pense que c’était réellement une très belle personne et une très belle âme. Son combat était des plus difficiles et elle s’est battue jusqu’au bout. Elle devait être véritablement très courageuse pour se battre contre le cancer et toujours chercher à sourire.
    Sa voix est magnifique (je n’utilise pas la passé car même si elle est partie, il reste encore une trace d’elle) et encore une fois, elle a été très courageuse.
    Mes pensées vont à sa famille et à ses proches et je voudrai qu’ils sachent que même des années après sa disparition, elle continu à toucher et inspirer les gens, même dans d’autres pays.

  30. votre histoire est et seras toujours une inspiration pour tous vous etiez une fille incroyable avec tant de force et de courage.Je suis tout simplement en admiration devant votre bravoure. j’adresse mes sincères condoléance a votre famille et amis.Apres avoir écouter votre histoire je me dis qu’une telle ne s’en ira jamais car vous etes comme une étoile qui brille très fort dans le ciel et vous serez a jamais presente dans beaucoup coeurs
    Merveille (france

  31. J’ai appris l’histoire de Carley Elle Allison avec la diffusion du film “Garder le sourire” en France diffusé le 02-02-2017 (“Kiss and Cry” au Canada). J’ai était très très ému par les évènements que cette jeune femme a traversé parce qu’ils font échos à des choses que j’ai personnellement vécu aux mêmes périodes. J’ai été impressionné par son parcours de vie, et je suis véritablement en admiration devant sa rage de vivre et sa force intérieure pour lutter contre ce cancer.

    Du haut de ses 19 ans, Carley Elle Allison est, et demeurera à mes yeux pour très longtemps, une grande femme par ses leçons de vie enseignées et sa pureté d’âme.

    Carley Elle Allison était une chanteuse très prometteuse et une belle patineuse en devenir.
    Carley Elle Allison était belle comme un ange, avait un visage d’ange et une voix d’ange.
    Carley Elle Allison était un ange qui s’ignorait mais Dieu s’en est rendu compte et a décidé de la reprendre à ses côtés.

    Que ton âme repose en paix Carley Elle Allison. Montre aux anges spectateurs du Paradis l’étendue de tes talents de patineuse et de chanteuse.

    En dernier lieu, je souhaite adresser mes pensées et mes condoléance les plus sincères à Monsieur et Madame Allison ainsi qu’aux deux sœurs de l’admirable Carley Elle.

  32. Carley Elle Allison

    Tu as du être une personne magnifique , j’admire le courage dont tu as étais doter ,tu as su garder un merveilleux sourire jusqu’au bout et même si tu n’est plus là il y aura toujours une personne qui pensera à toi, et je sais aussi que de là haut ,dans les étoiles tu prend soins des tiens.
    Même si peux personnes en parlent tu ne t’est jamais plein de cette douleurs qui était présente presque tout le temps et dont seul la mort t’as soulagé .

    Carley Elle Allison toi qui avait un don inné pour le patinage et la musique et le chant , repose en paix .

    Mes pensées vont à vous Monsieur et Madame Allison ,également à ses deux sœurs Samantha et Riley ,mais aussi à ses amies qui sont resté à ses côté malgré tout, mais surtout à John qui a prouvé qu’un amour sincère pouvais résister à tout .
    Mes plus sincère condoléance à vous tous .

  33. I, I just watched the movie…If your parents or your sisters see this, I want u to know that your daughter was the most stronger girl i’ve ever know. She was so beautiful and she was brave. I will never forget to smile, because she give me a life lesson. And i will keep fighting in life for everything that comes through my way. Love. Marie

  34. To Carley’s family and friends….Just watched the movie and your daughter Carley took each day of her life to the fullest. She was a very brave & beautiful soul fighting for her life and wanted to experience all of life had to offer. Her skating and her music along with very good friends and family kept things intact. She is dearly missed by all but she gave strength to those whom she left behind. The angels will be with you each and every day. Rest in peach Carley.
    You will always be remembered
    Marilyn W.

  35. Hi Carley I think you are amazing!
    I love your story. From now on I am going to live by your motto ALWAYS SIMLE😊

  36. I just saw the movie kiss and cry… what a beautiful soul… my heart hurts for your family…and I’m so sorry that cancer took you away… your memory will live on forever. You were a brave young women..

  37. Do you still have Cancer? You seem so nice and if not, I wish you the best. Oh yeah, we have the same name but mine has no e. Again wish you the best.

  38. I watched kiss and cry it was the saddest movie of my life but I enjoyed it and I love you so much Carly Allison please take me up to heaven with you

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