Hi Everyone,

It’s guest bloggers Riley (Carley’s Big Sister) and John (Carley’s Boyfriend). This time my guest blog is not one that anyone is going to want to read.

After a hard week in the hospital, this morning Carley had passed away. She left memories and a legacy that will live on forever in our hearts and minds. She never quit fighting until her last breathe; she showed more strength than anyone thought was possible. Unfortunately, this disease is not one to discriminate the evil from the good, the greedy from the giving, the cold-hearted from the kind-hearted. She was nothing less than an angel that spread her smile, joy, and charismatic nature to everyone around her. There was nothing she would have wanted more than for the people she love to be happy. So reflect and reminisce how she touched you and the inspiration, bravery and joy she brought into your life. Her life may have been short, but the lives she was able to touch and inspire is unparalleled to some people that have lived vast amounts of years .

On top of being an inspiring soul, Carley was a sister, daughter and girlfriend whose unconditional love will never be replaced. This situation is one that is hard to talk about for anyone that had been close to her, and anyone of us could go on for hours, but the words would still never be enough to describe and honour this remarkable and indescribable person. This may be the last post on this blog, to leave her memories and words untouched. However, we are in the midst of creating a foundation to continue and honor her legacy, journey, and fight to inspire youth and people of all walks of life to keep fighting and find a cure to this disease that has taken another angel.

May she be blissful in your memories and always with you in your heart.

Chemo Week 2!

so here we are! Week 2 of the safe chemo! im feeling good and excited for this week to get going. I am also doing hyperthermia treatments on the days i get chemo, so were doing a lot of things right now to kick cancers butt!

on the weekend my haemoglobin dropped almost below 70 so i had to have a transfusion! Sunday we spent 8 hours in North York General getting 2 bags of blood. im glad we did the transfusion because my body really felt like it needed it, i have much more energy today then I’ve had in a long time.

thats all the updates i have for now! xoxo

Done chemo day one!

its crazy to think that every time we said we wouldn’t do more chemo we jus end up doing more chemo. This is a different kind of chemotherapy and is administered through natureopaths. It is given with a drug to protect your organs and decreases the side effects. So far I feel great! Hoping it stays this way! I wil be having one week off one week Off so next week im free! 

New Treatment Update

As I promised I would be giving the results of my surgery. I’m sorry this has taken me so long but the recovery from surgery really was a challenge this time! I thought it would be a simple surgery just scraping the cancer from my bone and repairing it. But little did I know 70 stitches later and a bionic arm it wasn’t that simple! However thanks to my awesome surgeon I think the arm is finally starting to recover!

Being in the hospital this time was definitely no walk in the park! The biggest difference was I was in an adult hospital. In sick kids you are treated as a person but in the adult hospitals you feel like your just a number on a chart. Once my surgery was booked we were moved to Toronto General to have it done (but previously at Mt. Sinai). So now I can officially say I have be a patient in every hospital on University Avenue. Not something every 19 year old can check off on their bucket list! The hospital stay was long but we are happy to be home now and I am happy to have the comfort of my own bed.

More on the medical side the day we left the hospital that showed no cancer in my bones! Thank goodness! Then I had a spinal MRI  because I had pain in my spine and that also came back clear. The cancer in my lungs is still progressing however, we will be staring a new treatment monday! Wish me luck on our new treatment plans! I promise promise promise I actually mean it this time, I will keep everyone updated! Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 2.53.30 PM

Day 3

Hey everyone sorry i havent been blogging much, here is a link to the instagram account ive been posting a lot of my updates on!


Late Sunday night my arm really started hurting me, untill it got so out of control that my parents called an ambulance. Once the paramedics got to my house they came into the family room where i was laying down. Just my luck…. another student in training giving it a shot. i was so desperate for some medication i just wanted them to get the IV in. The student was having so much trouble preparing the medication, we were half way downtown before the IV was in. I know he was trying his best and just trying to do his job but at that point i was in so much pain i couldnt take it anymore. After a long ambulance ride to the hospital, we get inside and would you look at that… no rooms or beds available. So the paramedics for some reason left me in the stretcher right infront of the automatic sliding doors. So its safe to say i was freezing after a couple minutes. After about an hour we were finally put in the room and i got ot ask for pain medication, and do you know what they brought me? Advil. For someone who reguarly has to take narcotics, advil is just a joke. The next day i was transferred onto an in-patient ward. For some reason we couldnt get my pain under control. I was up every hour asking for more pain medication. I couldnt understand why they couldnt give me any more medication  so i just had to toughen up and start dealing with the pain.The doctor came by to see me and saw how much pain i was in so he started to organize a team to get my surgery done soon. After ALOT of back and forth and ALOT of confusion, my surgery has been booked for tomorrow morning. I am so happy that something is finally being done about my arm. It has been such a frustrating week with a million different doctors, nurses, and pain medication protocols. But its FINALLY over, and everything is set up for tomorrow.

The surgeon we got for my surgery happens to be the same doctor that operated on my auntie Caroline!(not blood related, but shes my moms best friend) She had a very large tumor in her leg and he did an amazing job in fixing her all up! im confident he will get my arm all fixed and i can hopefully get back to living my life as “normal” as possible.

Thats all for now i will post an update (or someone will) after my surgery tomorrow!