Our Last Week!

can’t believe i have already reached my last week of this journey. It hasnt been easy but i know i have gotten through the hardest part. Today i finally had enough energy to go to the gym! I didnt do much other then stretching and some yoga but its a start right?

Tomorrow i will have blood taken for the first time since ive been here and i am really excited to see what they find! I know everything is going to look just perfect!

This past weekend my family and boyfriend came to visit my mom and I! I dont know how to express how happy i was to see them. Being in this institution yu begin to feel pretty isolated, so to be able to spend time with people in the “real world” felt amazing! We went out shopping and went to a deicious vegan resturant! I dont mind eating the raw vegan diet they have us on here, but it was really nice to have some new variety (that was still vegan) other then the same buffet we get here everyday.

Lots of love to everyone! XO



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