Puck Cancer

Yesterday was an amazing day! For one it was amazing because I woke up and felt good!! But yesterday was amazing mostly because it was the PUCK CANCER event! The queens men’s hockey team played an amazing game beating Guelph 3-2. So many people came out to the game it was incredible! It was such an amazing feeling to see people I didn’t even know helping out and volunteering. A big thank you to Braeden who was the main drive behind the operation! He did such an amazing job organizing everything I cannot thank him enough

I sang the national anthem at the beginning of the game and I have to say, I think I was less nervous at the ACC. I was just about to sing infront of family friends and my fellow Gaels…yet I was so nervous. The event tonight really ment a lot to me and I felt like I needed to do the team justice !

All and all the event went great! We will soon know an estimate of how much money we raised. And it definitely didn’t hurt that HILLARY DUFF donated $500.00!

Thanks again to everyone who came out last night!!


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