Hey everyone! 

I had an Interview this morning with CTV! it will air at 6:00pm tonight! 




2 thoughts on “CTV

  1. Hi Carley, I am one of the nurses from North York Gen, I was the student RN. I saw your story on the news, and I am soooo very happy that you are doing well. You inspire so many people including myself. I am so happy to know that you are entering into a new chapter of your life (university). After speaking to you in the hospital, I felt quite guilty because there you were uncertain of your future, and I was so happy that I was finishing university (and I thought about it all the time). I knew you were a strong young woman, and your spirit was vibrant, and I could just see how many people loved you, most of all your family. All things combined I knew there was no way this would beat you, as trying as some times were for you. All the best to you in your future endeavours.

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