Sectionals began on Friday night when i did my short program. As much as i said i didn’t expect anything out of myself, i definitely did. We finished the choreography for the short program much earlier then we finished the long program, so i felt i was most prepared for the short. After i competed i was very disappointed with myself. i didn’t land all of my jumps and my spins were not their best. I started to wonder if i had really pushed myself to compete for nothing. I wondered if everyday i stayed in bed all day and just made myself wake up and get up so i could skate was worth it. but after being upset for a while i quickly realized i needed to put things into perspective. I have been off the ice for 8 months and i wasn’t exactly taking a vacation. So i tried to forget about friday as i moved into saturday. Saturday was my long program and i knew i was really going to have to focus. The program was only finished 2 weeks ago and it was already time to compete. But most importantly i wanted to have fun, i wanted to get back on the competition ice after a long year and remind myself that i kicked cancers butt. I began my long program with a smile on my face and i enjoyed every minute of it, and it turned out to be a very good skate. I didn’t have the same level of difficulty in my jumps as most of my competitors, but thats not what this competition was about for me anyways. I just wanted to get myself back out there and enjoy myself because i think i deserve to smile after such a tough battle. 





2 thoughts on “Sectionals!

  1. SO proud of you ❤ Just looking back at everything you've accomplished in a year. When it was sectionals last year who knew what was about to be thrown at you. But in less than a year you beat cancer and now you're back to competing just like you were a year ago. So amazing car to think about car, you're a superstar

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