Picture Timeline

the day we went to emergency


The day i was diagnosed


After the Tracheotomy



The day i found out i needed chemotherapy


First day of chemotherapy  (shaving dads head)


First time back on the ice since Chemo started


Day at Kiss 92.5fm


Head shaving party



never missed one Leafs game during Chemo



Notre Dame Leadership Conference



Meeting LUPUL



The last day of chemo

IMG_1080 IMG_1084

IMG_1097 IMG_1099


day of surgery

IMG_1640 IMG_1645


Sick Kids fundraiser “Concert for Carley”   IMG_1759

The best 18th Birthday! all the puree foods you can imagine. IMG_1795

Right before T-tube removal surgery


First day of radiation



Last day of Radiation



2 thoughts on “Picture Timeline

  1. Hey Carley!
    You are such an inspirational person and although I don’t know you personally, being in the skating world and competing against you for years now your story has truly touched me. You have an incredible fighting spirit and determination. I can’t wait to see you at sectionals and give you a big hug for what you have been through and how strong you have been considering all of it. You have gotten everyone talking. People at the Canadian Ice Academy have been talking about how amazing it is that you are competing after all this. Karen is your biggest fan. All the judges can’t wait to see you. Especially Flora. She is the sweetest lady and cares so much about you and your family. I wish you all the best and I’m really proud of what you have done with your life considering all the circumstances.Your singing, and the fact that you have even gone on the ice. You deserve a standing ovation and I can’t wait to be in the crowd when it happens.
    All the best, xx

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