Hey everyone! 

sorry i haven’t written in a while, i’ve been enjoying all the time i have feeling healthy before i start radiation.

On July 16th a fundraiser was held in my name to support Sick Kids (Concert for Carley). I want to thanks my sister Riley for organizing the event, and to everyone who came out to support the Sick Kids hospital Oncology unit. We raised close to $3000!

Next week i will be going back to the hospital for a meeting with my radiation oncologist. I will be starting radiation at the beginning of September, and continue treatment for 6 weeks. At this moment we are not sure of what dosage radiation i will be getting but we will have a better idea come next week. 

As for how i’m feeling, i feel great! The chemo is slowly running out of my system and i am starting to feel much more like myself. My neck has been healing extremely well and my voice is getting a bit better everyday. I know radiation is going to be hard on my throat but its only for 6 weeks and then it is all over. 

Thank you to everyone for your continued support! xo


3 thoughts on “Updates!

  1. Welcome back Carley. Good to hear that you are improving day by day . Our best wishes for your final step to being all well again.
    with love
    Heike & Ray

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