2 days to go!

In 2 days i will finally be getting the last tube out of my neck! I have had a tube in my trachea that acts as a stint since July 2nd and it will be removed Thursday morning! The tube has definitely prevented me from more then the trach did, but its a big relief to be breathing normally again. Its been pretty difficult not speaking or eating whole foods but i only have 2 days left!


3 thoughts on “2 days to go!

  1. great news , Carley. That must really be difficult , not being able to speak and only mushy food. But , Burgers and fries (?) are just 2 days away ! I hope you enjoy your first solid meal and can let out a big “Yippee”. We wish you continued speedy recovery .
    Heike & Ray

  2. wow that’s awesome. It’s hard to imagine the simple/normal things we take for granted like eating. So excited for you and for your future xoxo.

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