Success in The OR

Hi Carley lovers,

Guest blogger here, Riley, Carleys big sister ❤ 

I have the most wonderful news to share with everyone who has been supporting and following her story everyday!

So for those of you who don’t know Carley underwent a 4-5 hour surgery to remove the cancerous Tumor in her trachea. Now we all knew Carley would just fly through this surgery but hearing it from the surgeons mouth was 1 million times better.

At approximately 12:15 the Doctor came out while I wasn’t in the room. I slowly walked into the room noticing my mothers head in her hands, terrified at what I didn’t know I instantly stopped in my tracks. My dad noticed my face and quickly said “She’s clear, they got it all out, the surgery went better then anyone could have expected!” Immediately my mother my dad and I were in tears in a group hug. The best news I have honestly ever heard in my entire 19 years on this planet! My baby sister and best friend might I add, was going to be fine! She was going to be fine! 

Carley will be under for a few days and just a little out of it so you will probably hear back from me soon with Carley Updates. But for now I am going to go kiss my little sister and put her jewellery back on (the one thing she asked for).

xoxo ❤


30 thoughts on “Success in The OR

  1. We have been keeping everyone in our prayers today. Thanks so much for letting us know the great news. That is simply wonderful. ( Janet and Doug- neighbours)

  2. This is the best news ever! You must all feel so much relief!! Best of luck in the weeks ahead – radiation and recovery. love to you all.

  3. We have been thinking of Carly throughout the long weekend. Immensely relieved and delighted to learn surgery went better than expected. Great news! Jaffer and Parin (neighbours).

  4. I am in tears with you with the joy knowing that Carley will be fine. I will keep with my prayers for her and all of you. I knew that Mahdokhet and Sohrab will be with you in spirit in this difficult time. Thank you for the update I love you all so much

  5. Riley … thanks for letting us all know, this is just terrific news! Couldn’t be any better and I couldn’t be any happier (and relieved) for all of you. Give Carley a big hug (not too tight please, not yet anyways …) from all of us and let’s hope to see her back home, and on the piano, singing soon!

  6. I am the aunt of Katie Tsiofas and have been following Carley’s story. What good news , how awesome for her and for all of you. Carley is such an inspiration to many. May her recovery to easy and speedy. Love to all

  7. Such a wonderful update to receive!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery from the surgery Carley – thank you for the uplifting update, Riley. – Sophie and family (Alice’s mom)

  8. To put it simply, this is wonderful news. Carley, I wish you a speedy recovery and send you my best wishes. – Mr. H.

  9. such excellent news – thanks Riley. wishing Carley a very speedy recovery and to all of your family a big hug

  10. Great news. I have been following her from Calgary. My first thought was of Carley this morning with a prayer for her health

  11. That is great news to hear! I am so happy and relieved! I wish Carley a great recovery 🙂 Swood misses you Riley and Carley!

  12. Hi Riley, Thank you so much for letting everyone know this wonderful news. please give her my best wishes. Samia

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