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The other day my father’s friend who helps us with our computers was over at the house. He saw my blogsite and videos and thought that the world (or at least Toronto) should know my story. So, he made a few calls and CBC picked up my story. My interview willl be on CBC radio throughout the day and I’ll be on TV later tonight (CBC ch# 6 between 5-6 pm). Pretty crazy and exciting stuff, but at the end of the day I just want to share my experience, inspire others who are facing advertsity and help raise funds for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. 

here is the link to Princess Margret Donations




6 thoughts on “Donations to Princess Margret

  1. Carley – my husband Brian heard you on CBC this morning. He said you were great! We are proud of you – you’re amazing!

  2. Carley – You really are amazing! When I called Princess Margaret to make our donation, the lady on the phone said to me – You mean Carley, the amazing singer? I replied, of course – that’s the one! All our best to you and your family during this time! Please give your Mom a big hug for me.

    Much love from Anya Belcastro and family (Olivia is Sammy’s friend from Owen)

  3. Hi Carley !!!
    Congrats !!! I saw you on the Princess Margaret site after my friend Danica sent it to me from twitter. My hubby has cancer and he has been going to Princess Margaret too ! You can read about it here : if you like. I blog about cancer quite often.

    It may seem like an odd question… but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE some advice on who to call/ talk to…to get on CBC radio and City TV for my hubby. I would be great to do something for Princess Margaret and join you in your awareness to raise funds & make a difference.

    I dedicated this slideshow to Princess Margaret when my hubby did a Stem Cell harvest this summer.

    I wish you tons of love, health , happiness and healing.

    Much love,
    Lynne xx

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