Singing with the Trach!

So today i was playing around and figured out that with one of the caps i have for my trach i could sing!
hope you like it!


15 thoughts on “Singing with the Trach!

  1. I can tell that some quotes mean a lot to you, they mean a lot to me as well and they reach to a special place inside me, I hope that some of this may do the same to you:

  2. Carly, I’m not sure if you remember me – your mom passed this blog along to mine, who passed it along to me. We have been following your story closely and are in complete awe at your perseverance and relentless attitude to never give up. You are extraordinary, and I hope you know that even on your worst day, you are inspiring so many others around you, who are fighting some sort of battle in their life. We are gunning for you!

    Amy (Maureen, Rick, and Leia) xxxx

  3. Reblogged this on Lyrics, Strings, and Pipe Dreams and commented:
    Followers, this young lady is so inspirational. Despite the fact that she was diagnosed with a very rare form of throat cancer, she continues trying to pursue her dream in music. I haven’t even watched her video yet (damn school filters to hell), and I am definitely not a big fan of 1D, but still, the concept itself is just beautiful nonetheless. Check it out, and check out her blog as well!

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