New Cover!


SO its officially been 5 months since i finished radiation and my voice is still slowly coming along! I am for sure being impatient with my progress but at the end of the day i realize that Cancer could have taken much more then my voice, and i am extremely lucky to be where i am today.


Every week on Tuesday mornings i have been seeing a speech therapist to work on my voice. I defiantly have been seeing some improvements but its a slow process. I wouldn’t be able to make the kind of improvements I have been making without the help of my amazing voice therapist Aaron! Aaron and I were having a conversation the other day and I mentioned that I had been skating already that morning and I was frustrated with the amount of time it was taking me to get all my strength back. He looked at me and said “well your whole medical team and I always knew you were crazy.” I said “what do you mean,” Aaron responded with “don’t worry carley its a good crazy, you are making amazing progress in all aspects, give yourself more credit!” As I sat there, I realized that I guess I was a bit crazy but it was a good crazy. I just want to get back to normal, whatever my normal is.

As for my health! I am doing great! we had some complications with the thyroid medication dosage, so I am getting blood taken soon to check all my levels. I started to notice that I was always feeling cold and lethargic. This is a result of Hypothyroidism. The endocrinologist noticed that I was not getting enough medication so we have changed the amount of medication I take per week. Hopefully My thyroid levels will even out and I will go back to a healthy level.

One year ago around today was the day that I got my PICC line inserted. I can definitely say getting my PICC line was one of the more frightening things. I don’t know why I was more scared of the PICC line then I was of getting my neck cut open but I definitely was. my doctor told me that getting a PICC line was going to be like getting a big IV in. once I was put in the hospital gown, and placed in an operating room I knew that it was a but more serious.

Thank you all for the support! slowly but surely getting better!    

One year since chemo started!

I cant believe its been one year since we got that call saying a new pathology report came back and we are meeting with a sarcoma medical oncologist to discuss chemotherapy as an option.  

This exact day last year was the scheduled day for my surgery. I was very excited and ready to get the trach out! The surgeon was already concerned about the size of the tumour, so when chemotherapy was presented as an option, they thought it would be worth a shot. Although i was disappointed that I would have to live with a trach for longer, i knew the doctors would do what was best for me. 

I can still clearly remember that first day of chemotherapy. I walked into the oncology ward with my family and sat in the waiting area. There was a little boy about 5 or 6 in teh waiting area with us. He was completely bald, and clearly going through treatment but it didn’t seem to faze him. he was acting like a normal little boy, playing with a toy firetruck and having a great time. Eventually someone came to the waiting room to get me and start to treatment. I was put into a single room with a TV and my family sat on the couch. The nurse came into my room to administer the chemo. she was dressed in a long blue plastic cover and had a mask on. The first thought i had was, “this stuff must be pretty poisonous if she cant even touch it or inhale it, yet she’s putting it straight into my blood stream…” 

Once the chemo was administered, I had 2 hours of hydration, then i was sent home. I began to think “this isnt too bad,” i felt a bit nauseous but other than that i was ok. I got home and i really started to feel sick, I tried to fall asleep but i couldn’t. Within a few hours my dad was rushing me back to the hospital. Its hard to remember exactly how i felt, but i do remember it being the most pain i have ever been in my entire life. They say your body erases traumatic experiences from your brain, and i defiantly believe that. I can only remember bits and pieces of that night, and quite honestly im glad i dont remember all of it.

Things got easier after that first round of chemo though. We figured out the right combination of medications that my body responded to.

Its all in the past now and i am so grateful to be living a healthy life! thank you to everyone for your continued support! xoxo